Aikido is a modern Eclectic system that is the synthesis of many great cousin arts that would teach training in spear, staff, sword, jujitsu. Being a modern art, Aikido is very practical for achieving a harmonious resolution or known as conflict resolution in the work place.

Dont be fooled into thinking that Aikido only works well in the Dojo but will fail in the urban environment unless you’ve trained diligently for 200 years.

Due to Aikido being a modern art that is based on freedom of movement and individual choice, Aikido is a very powerful art that has the potential to cause harm or create harmony. When using the basic form  and strategies from the more offensive aspects of Aikido, you could easily injure or kill an attacker. The intentions of the aggressor are likely to determine the amount of response you decide to enforce.

Remember that even an untrained person can severely injure some unsuspecting victim or in the case of defending yourself.

When you come to us from other systems, be open minded to our approach but retain your previous knowledge. You have poured your sweat and time into earning that knowledge and skill set. Even we can learn a thing or two from new students. That is one reason why I love training with people that don’t know our rules on how to move which means I still need to make what I know work and often on the first go. Not resorting to strength but feeling their intention through their touch and emotional tie in that instance.

Aikido for self development

Aikido is to develop ones self in the first place so you can contribute in the right way to family and society in general. We are not here to teach you how to fight but how to  live.

With the knowledge that we pass onto our students, you will be the decision maker in any given situation. In the urban arena, your teacher or fellow students  likely wont be at your side when confronted with a moral/physical dilemma. Trust yourself foremost and rely on your instincts.

In our training we don’t separate “self defense” from the mainstream classes. We incorporate strikes ( Atemi), street smarts to cater for our NZ society,nerve strikes, low kicks, arrest holds etc into our movements. The outcome being that the aggressor will not be able to understand why he/she is suddenly feeling discomfort. This is very important to a successful outcome. If our moves are not transparent, the agressor is unable to change their mode of attack at the last minute.

This strategy is important not only in a physical confrontation but works well when conversing in a business environment, bringing up children or in relationships with spouses and friends. All you are doing is trading physical actions for structured words that will create harmony and growth.

I hope you will enjoy your training with myself and other skilled teachers


All the best