Mike Stanford

7th Dan Aikido Yuishinkai Chief Instructor

6 August 1937 – 11 November 2014

Sadly Michael Stanford “Aikidos’ gentleman” passed away early evening in November 2014. Mike, a man known as a leader, mentor and friend to many.

There is not or ever will be enough room to document how loved Mike was and his achievements in Aikido, how Mike developed a small club into a success story, how Mike has left many lasting impressions on his students, Aikido friends, other martial art styles. A lifetime of balancing a commitment to his art and family whom he loved very much. We will honor your legacy for the ages to come, whether in life or death you have touched our hearts and will continue to do so.

Mike, you will be remembered with our fondest memories and how you inspired us to go beyond our normal expectations, delving deep into using Aikido to transport us into new journeys of life but keep it real.

“I am not a Martyr or a god, I am Mike and we are friends”.

You may not be god Mike, but you are an English Gentleman that we will continue to gain inspiration from and value all you have given.

All our love