The sword we normally train with is usually referred to as the Katana or more specifically Daito ( long sword ). The shorter companion sword often worn by samurai are called the wakizashi or shoto. The blunt sword used for iaido practice is called an iaito.

The most important parts of the sword are named the following:

Tsuka                      Handle

Tsukagashira        End of handle

Mekugi                   Retaining peg

Tsuba                      Guard

Saya                        Scabbard

Koiguchi                Mouth of the Saya

Kojiri                      Butt of the Saya

Sageo                      Saya strings

Ha –                        Blade

Mine –                    Spine or back of the blade

Kissaki                   Point

Shinogi                  Grove


These are the more frequently discussed terms during teaching of the sword arts