Aikido Training Classes

Free training for beginners

All new comers are welcome to attend classes at no cost. You can watch, or join in and experience for yourself the relaxed atmosphere and friendly students and instructors at Tenshin Aikido 

If you are planning on joining in, please wear loose comfortable clothing, no jewellery (a wedding ring is OK), and have long hair tied back. It is useful to arrive at the dojo 10 – 15 minutes early, so that you can introduce yourself to the instructor or one of the seniors, and have a look around the dojo. (The seniors and the instructors are generally the ones wearing a hakama (black, divided skirt) over their gi pants.

If you enjoyed training with us, and wish to continue, the instructor will be able to advise on the best classes to attend initially.

Beginners Classes

When you first start learning Aikido with us we have a class especially for beginners. In this class the instructor  focuses on the basics of Aikido giving you a good grounding in the basic movements that form the art of Aikido.

Children’s Training – The family class

Children over the age of 7 are welcome to come to Children’s Classes. Parents are encouraged to join in with their children in the low impact and relaxed training sessions.

Aikido teaches children practical movement, awareness, calmness and a positive attitude.

We like to promote learning through a fun environment for children using exercises, games and techniques. Children have the opportunity to explore their abilities, to focus their attention and to push themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. Aikido teaches children “how to be strong” and how learning to stay calm and relaxed can be much stronger than anger, force and aggression.

Weapons Training

The traditional weapons used in Aikido are:

  • The Jo (wooden staff)
  • The Bokken (wooden practice sword)
  • The Tanto (wooden training knife)

Additional training in Sword arts:

The system of the sword art we follow is based on Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu or unequalled direct-lineage Eishin Ryu style Iaijutsu

We practice at various levels to include self defence when attacked with these or similar weapons. Our weapons training is progressive leading to high level training with the real sword and knives.

Aikido Seminars

At stages through the year various Aikido clubs hold seminars where we get to train with different people generally over a full day or weekend.