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The Massey Hall dojo is right at the corner of Don Buck Road and Red Hills Road in Massey West Auckland

Northcote dojo is at the end of Kaka Street

The Northcote dojo is at the end of Kaka Street (a cul-de-sac). Access to Kaka Street is off Potter Avenue, which runs between Ocean View Road and Raleigh Road.

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Teacher Details

Craig Paterson
- Instructor North Shore

Tel: 021 797551

Craig Andrew
-  Instructor West Auckland

Tel: 021 605 015

Dojo Etiquette

It can be confusing for beginners - so here is a very brief guide to etiquette in the dojo.

• Bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
• Bow when stepping on and off the training mat.
• At the beginning and end of each session, the class line up and bow to the kamiza (higher seat) and the instructor.
• If you are late for class please come in and get changed, wait quietly (kneeling) at the edge of the mat until the instructor signals that you may join the class, then bow and enter the training area.